Back Up - Recovery Overview

Business Continuity for Small and Medium Business

Recovery is the Key to Backup

The most important backup is the one you store locally.
You can recover from the most common disasters you’ll face.
You need to verify backup image files and re-verify them over time to make sure they’re still intact.
You need to consolidate backup image files to save storage space.

If you cannot recover from the backup you take - what good is the backup?

Backup Recovery - Enmerse

Cover your recovery scenarios with our Desktop, Server, ImageManager and Cloud Solutions.

What we will do:

  • Set up your Backup and Recovery Plan as a part of your overall recovery strategy. 
  • Make sure you can recover the key pieces of your business. 
  • Make sure a disaster won't close your business. 
  • Set up a recovery backup plan that you can afford. 
  • Test the Backup and Recovery.